Friday, April 12, 2013

An Easter-Egg-Hunt game... from 1983

I first laid eyes on a computer back in the 7th grade. The school had received a bunch of TRS-80 Model 3's, and without having a class curriculum for them, set the kids loose on them at lunch. I was hooked immediately, and started bugging my parents for a computer.

That Christmas (1982), they bought me a C-64. I of course took to it immediately. However, so did my dad and my sister, in different ways.

The next Easter, rather than the usual chocolate egg hunt, which we were getting a little old for anyway, my dad took it upon himself to write an easter egg hunt game on the C64. 

I was delighted that he found it recently in his notes (he'd written it out on paper first, of course). He scanned it and sent it over and I've inserted it below. As a game it's pretty simple. Text input and answer the questions to proceed. Typical of the first BASIC programs one learned to write back then. However, it's valuable to me for a couple reasons.

First, it worth remembering that machines used to come with manuals that explained how to program them. We've somehow lost touch with that as computers have become appliances aimed increasingly at consumption.

Secondly, I think the trivia questions he put in there say a lot about how my sister and I were raised. There are questions there to make us think and others to make us laugh, and some freebies to keep us encouraged moving forward. He always had a pretty good mix of all three.

Thanks Dad!


Leslie said...

Wow. Kim, I feel I know you better somehow, after seeing this. Very cool story and impressive that your dad found it after all these years.

adam lake said...

very cool kim, thanks for taking the time to post this. indeed creative and took him some time to write. kudos++;

Unknown said...

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patsm00re18 said...
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