Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Review: Alexander the Great and His Time

I was never much of a history buff in school, and so only had some passing knowledge of the history of Alexander the Great and the empire he created.

The author, Agnes Savill, does a decent job of covering Alexander's history both thoroughly and in an engaging style. If you are looking for an engaging summary of such, this could serve as the book to do it.

However, it should probably be taken with a large grain of salt. As I understand it, there are many points in Alexander's history that are debated. Savill claims to want to address these but so plainly gushes over any positive praise and so quickly dismisses any critical points of view, that she comes off as someone who is not only an Alexandrophile, but is so to the point of being incapable of listening to reason.

Alexander the Great and His Time

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Andy said...

There is a podcast series on Rome...done by a guy originally located in PDX. It is basically a chronological run down of all the rulers, their courts, great & weak points in strategy.

It is quite good. Even better if consumed the same time you watch the absolutely awesome 2 season HBO drama on netflix.