Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dan Cook's GDC 2011 Platform Power Session

As promised, Daniel Cook (who is beyond smart, and who's blog you should lap up every drop of) posted his GDC slides and speaker notes.

It's a REALLY good presentation. Talks about the issues with closed "walled garden" platforms in many ways that I've discussed here before, but Daniel formalizes the rules and stages in a fantastic way. Must read.


KimPallister said...

I added a couple suggested improvements/comments on Dan's blog and am copying them here:

Two points:
1) On the examples of platforms that don't do this (e.g. linux, wordpress...), it's not just altruism; it's that these are but one player in an open ecosystem with competing options, etc. In the case of game consoles, it's a bit more like an oligopoly.

2) On the recommended actions, Dan missed a key two:
(i) Talk to other developers. Knowledge is power and collective knowledge is exponential power. I know a lot of indies compare notes on terms, royalty rates, volumes, etc.
(ii) Collective action. One developer walking is inconvenient. One developer walking at talking to press is a minor PR hiccup. A group of devs taking action, well, someone might lose their job. The XBLA royalty rate change was sort of an informal version of this (it was rolled out at GDC and word spread fast), but maybe a better (though somewhat different) example was the famed "OpenGL letter" to MS. It didn't end up changing the course of the API, but developers had a much stronger voice at the table from that point forward. (

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