Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review: Evil Plans

I've been a fan of Hugh Macleod since I discovered his blog about five years ago. I also enjoyed his first book, Ignore Everybody. So, when he announced Evil Plans, I pre-ordered and waited for it to show up.

It's good material, but I can't recommend it as strongly as I did the first. Like IE, there's a lot of recycled material from his blog here, both in the writing and the comics. And that's ok. Even expected. Add to that that the book is very sparse (single paragraph pages in places, pages empty but for one comic, etc), and it's a very lightweight book. If you are a words-per-dollar person, this book isn't for you.

Now that said, many of his ideas are thought provoking; and what price can you put on a good idea. If the book gets you to think critically about ONE thing, that would be worth the price, no?

There were three such ideas in the book for me, and so I'm glad I bought it. One of those will be the subject of an upcoming post...

Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination

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