Sunday, December 19, 2010

Recommended iPad apps?

I have it on good authority that Mr Claus may be depositing an iPad under the tree for me on Xmas morn.

When I get it, I have one day to get it set up before taking it on a ski trip for a few days. I'm hoping the blogosphere can save me some trial and error on a number of different app needs. So, chime in to the comments if you can help.

  1. Best Feedreader? (Would like it to sync feeds between PC/iPad/iPhone, allow offline viewing, set refresh frequency, etc. I've used RSSBandit and others in the past. Currently using IE8 because I like the Outlook integration, but I'm guessing it's not an option on iPad)
  2. Best eReader app? (Would like it to have top-notch typography, support for EPUB and other formats, bonus for PDF support, should be able to keep multiple bookmarks support for annotations and the like)
  3. Best document-sync apps? (I'm thinking of apps to let me view and/or edit Word & Powerpoint files off my PC)
  4. Best sketching/drawing app? (keeping in mind I'll have a stylus)
  5. Best notetaking/sketching/brainstorming app? (e.g. Onenote equivalent)
  6. Best GPS app?
  7. Best Browser? (Is the stock one sufficient?)
  8. Best Wikipedia client? (I use Wikiamo on iPhone - is there something better?)
  9. Best magazines/news site apps?
  10. Best cookbook-type apps?
  11. Best Twitter client/aggregator? (Yes, my opt-out experiment is over and I'll become a Twit in the new year)
  12. finally, recommendations on best stylus?
Thanks, y'all!

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Marc said...

You should get Flipboard.

I find The regular browser is not good enough; I use perfect browser, it's not great looking, but it's much faster and displays tabs on top of the screen. Once you've used tabs for a while, there're no going back. Not sure if there's a better browser, haven't really looked.