Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Review: Our Days are Numbered

I bought this book on a recommendation*, and it turned out to be a bad call. I was expecting something like a cross between Freakonomics and Jim Blinn's Corner series, taking every day observations and taking a mathematician's view of the subjects. The author sets out to do this, but they bulk of topics are far too lightweight. Ranging from geometry to solve carpet area (really?) to a high level view of fractals. I did manage to glean a bit of info from it (e.g. why it takes four rather than three satellites to accurately triangulate a GPS location), but mostly it wasn't of use to me.

Might be ok for a high school kid or for someone with little math, but otherwise pass.

*One of the downsides of using my Amazon wish list to manage my book consumption queue is that when I add a book on a recommendation, I later don't remember who it was that gave me the recommendation. :-/

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