Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Steve Jobs shows his REAL thoughts on iPhone development

I'm long overdue to write up a post on the iPhone, appstore and closed-vs-open platforms. This isn' t it.

In the meantime though, Dave wrote up some thoughts on the announcements from Apple recently, and *brilliantly* caught something Jobs said that most folks seem to have missed:

Jobs, in speaking of the addition to an advertising revenue model to the platform, said
“This is us helping our developers make money so they can survive and keep the prices of their apps reasonable,”
To which Dave asks:
Btw, was anyone else struck by Jobs’ use of the word “survive?” I think that’s the closest he’ll ever come to admitting that life for developers is rough in the world o’Apple.
Bravo! What a catch. Quelle choix de verbe! "Survive" indeed!

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Anonymous said...

it's "quel choix de verbe"

A french.