Sunday, September 13, 2009

A better approach to pegboard

A friend pointed me to this LifeHacker post about keeping pegboard organized with peglocks.

Peglocks are crap. They don't stay locked, and they take too much space to work. But then unsecured pegboard is also crap, cause your pegs fall out and gnaw at your inner OCD demons. So, what to do?

Here's what I did.

1) Mount your pegboard on a frame of 2x2's. I did a 4' x 6' setup.

2) Mount the frame to an L-bracket improvised hinge.


So you can access the back of it like this:

3) Use tie-wraps to secure pegs through a single hole, using a piece of scrap or cable behind the pegboard.


4) you are done.


Way better than those 3-hole wide peglocks, plus the tie wraps will never come loose unless you want them to.


Unknown said...

Can you post a few extreme close-up pics of the back of the peg board so we can see exactly how you fastened the zip ties?

vilu said...

Sweet! Now all I need is a close up of the hinge to make sure I'm doing the right thing.

Unknown said...

Another option would be to hinge it at the bottom or side I guess ... Any particular reason you went with the top? Thanks, cool design.

Anonymous said...

Side would be better so that you don't have to worry about the tools falling as you try swing the door open.

Top design works, but I would be scared of falling toys on YOUR HEAD.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Suggestion: If you use a cable tie that has a head larger than the hole, there's no need to use a piece of scrap or cable behind the hole, which might fall out and loosen the connection to the hook.

Anonymous said...


The kind with the two wire hook part...

Anonymous said...

A close up of the back would be good.
(I know it's already been said)

Andy said...

If you REALLY want to be cool- hang a burglar proof mesh for the tool wall; otherwise you've made it totally easy for the grab-n-snatch burglar to load up a dufflebag/van full of your wrenches and power tools.

After catching a dude casing the neighborhood a year ago- I went old school on locking down the garage toys.

Catherine Todd said...

We used the zip ties and they work GREAT and aren't expensive. We can transport our pegboards now since we cut them to fit in a large plastic bin, and the pegs and the items don't fall off. We attached white plastic rectangular handles on the sides, which hold the boards off the items below. It's terrific.

Thanks for this post; even more ideas here!