Friday, May 22, 2009

Game Programming Gems 8 Call for Abstracts

Adam's taken on the Gems8 editing mission, and dropped me a note to point people to the call for abstracts:

Abstracts for Game Programming Gems 8 are now being accepted at The eighth of this popular series, as with previous versions, aims to gather and share the latest gems from the game development community. Game Programming Gems 8 will include sections on General Programming, Mathematics, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Networking/Multiplayer, Audio, and a special segment on General Purpose Programming on GPUs for Game Developers. Join us in advancing the state of art in Game Development!
I did an article for Game Programming Gems 2, was a section editor for Game Programming Gems 3  and was the book editor for Game Programming Gems 5. I found that contributing in all of these roles has paid itself back many times over, and I'd encourage others to contribute as well.

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