Friday, May 22, 2009

Book Review: Ten Foot

Ten Foot is a teenfic fantasy novel, best described as 'Lord of the Rings' with an american indian flavor. 

The author is a friend of mine and I got to read a close-to-final draft a while back but now can post a review of it, as he's put it up for sale on

I'm always a bit reluctant when a friend gives me something like this to read. What if it's crap? It would be awkward to say the least.

Luckily, this wasn't a problem here. I really enjoyed it. It's a fairly short read, even for teen fiction, but I'd highly recommend it for any 10-14 year old, or for adults into lighter fare. I found myself pretty engrossed by the second chapter and read it straight through at that point.

Here's the synopsis off the Lulu page:
Sheldon Thorpe is a lonely, cynical boy. Hoping to lift his spirits, his mother sends him to Camp Arrowhead, in the mountains of North Carolina. One night a strange boy enters Sheldon’s cabin and takes his pocketknife, his most prized possession. Sheldon chases him into a mysterious fog at the edge of camp and enters the war-torn world of Arrowhead, where the demon-bear Karr-Tan and his minions conspire to enslave all of the tribes. With the help of an escaped slave girl, a platoon of combat-hardened holy men, and a shiny magic staff, Sheldon embarks on an epic quest to find the orphan boy prophesied to become the giant warrior, Ten Foot. Only Ten Foot can defeat Karr-Tan, bringing peace to the land. And he alone can show Sheldon the way home. 
Go check it out!

[Update: I forgot to add that he's unhappy with the current cover art, and any artists that might be inspired to do something more in keeping with the book should contact him (drop me a mail and I'll hook you up]


Making It So said...

Hi, I came across some native american artifacts found by a "Dale Chandler at a private dig site in Pasco County, Florida," according to the seller, who doesn't know any more than the name - apparently. At any rate, I'll check out the book, it sounds interesting, and I've been wanting to look for someone to write native-american themed material for an anti-bullying course-lesson... but for now, just wondering if he might be the finder of a cache of 3 fossil-coral blades? Here's the ebay link

I'd love to buy them for the local schools museum if they really are found by him, to make them read the book... :)

Thanks, Mike

Making It So said...

or just cut-paste to Google ->

Arrowhead beautiful coral blade cache florida 3

~ Michael Sirbola