Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Could new Miro biz model work for games?

Cory at BoingBoing points us to Miro's new initiative to fund their next project.

Miro is an open & free Internet TV service, and the model their using for their next round of fund-raising is "adopt a line of code".

Similar, I guess, to the 'adopt a highway' model, Miro's letting people subscribe (remember, it's a service, not just an application) for $4/month. In exchange, they get the warm vibes that come from helping the project happen, and also a custom page and widget for displaying your love and your very own line of code. It's the NPR bumper sticker for the linux generation!

The question is, would this work for funding a game project? How about a sequel or a mod for a popular title? Hmm....

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Greg C. said...


A number of small boardgame publishers (such as Decision Games) post material about a game they'd like to publish, ask people to commit to purchase (at a reduced price if they commit before publication), and only publish when the number of commitments reaches some threshold (usually 500-1000 units). This strikes me as similar.