Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bedroom AV project

Bedroom AV project, originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.

When we bought our house it had in-wall speaker mounts in the kitchen, bedroom, office, master bath.... but no speakers in the mounts.

I'd started looking into them a while back but they were *insanely* expensive at most AV retail places, so I put off buying them.

I recently checked online and you can get them far cheaper. I bought a few pairs of pretty cheap ones -but adequate for our needs, for like $40/pair with shipping.

Anyhow, got around to installing some today. Yay, tunes!

The TV on the right is mounted on a swivel arm so that we can see it from bed, but Alisa can swivel it around 180 to watch from her office. I've got a linksys media center extender tie-wrapped to the back of it.

Until recently, I had ethernet cable running along the wall and floor, but over the holidays I routed it through the wall to the previous cable run I'd done a while back. The bedroom wall is curved, so there are joints every foot or so. It was a serious pain in the rear, but is now done.

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