Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Honoring the Legendary Customer

BoingBoing's linking to a cool story about how the makers of the Warhammer MMO are going to be erecting statues of the top players in the game world to honor their accomplishments.

Very cool indeed.

The thought exercise for the reader is this: if games did more gestures like this for customers, wouldn't that be a more-carrot-less-stick approach to the piracy problem? (Not unlike the personalized game idea I discussed a while back).


Darius Kazemi said...

If you hadn't heard this before, back in 2000 there was a major in-game event across all Asheron's Call shards where, effectively, the game was stacked so that the players would lose and the big baddie would win. On one shard, the players banded together to win! The whole story is here and well worth reading.

But the relevant thing is, Turbine made a monument to those players to honor their unique achievement.

LetsKillDave said...

Blizzard has recently done that by naming some quest items after key game testers. It's a nice way to say "Thank you!"

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