Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why futurizing sucks, part II

...at least if it sucks if you are Ben Stein, or anyone else other than Peter Schiff in this compilation:


Patrick said...

Yeah man, I've been calling this since Fall '07. Nobody believed me until it was too late. I told my parents to get out of the market in December. They laughed.

The conspiracy of stupidity reigns supreme.

Adrian Crook said...

Wow... Ben Stein comes off looking pretty arrogant and ignorant in this vid.

I started off thinking "No way I am going to make it through 10 minutes of this video" - but it was so entertaining to see how bang-on Peter Schiff was and how badly he was getting ganged up on because of it, that the 10 minute video just sailed by!

Too funny!

We really need to see Ben Stein go back on one of these programs and respond to this old video. I would love to hear him defend his comments.

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