Sunday, November 23, 2008

Square sets sail for yesterday's new world

Square announces that they are going to be doing downloadables. Cool.

Of course the money quote is:

"...All formats – Xbox Live, WiiWare, PlayStation Network – are all viable formats for us"

Those aren't all the formats though. Are they? Just those that developers have been excited about for a few years.

PC, iPhone, (DS & PSP also support downloads now don't they?), etc.

Anyhow, says something about the industry's myopia. Kind of like europeans setting sail for the new world when those that settled it are already in wagons heading west.


Greg said...
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James Everett said...

Square is actually already on the iPod with Song Summoner and have more titles in the works. They've been relatively early adopters of mobile phone games as well, with a couple of Final Fantasy titles released over the last few years, albeit only in Japan far as I know.

I suspect this is an announcement about a push onto XBLA/PSN by their new studio, where they haven't had a large presence yet. On WiiWare their Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was one of the biggest early releases.

kim said...

James, good point. My comment was about the attitude toward downloadables for the 3 living room consoles being "all the platforms".

Hill said...

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