Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best MAME setup *ever*

Years ago, (*brag*... way before it was trendy), in like 1999 or so,  I built my own MAME arcade cabinet conversion. Pic here.

Since then, I've seen a bunch of people do home arcade machine setups, either as arcade cabinets or as coffee tables and the like.

However, this one, built into a bar, is full of The Win. The contest is now over. I can't imagine how anyone will top it, short of perhaps building it into Angelina Jolie's backside or something. :-)

(Seriously though, it could be improved. Trackball, spinner, for starters. Rotatable monitor is another idea)

(Thanks Alice!)


Anonymous said...

This is in Peter Griffin's basement, right?

Anonymous said...

What will make it better in that setup is hooking up the game Tapper and having a robot that REALLY sends the drinks down the bar :-)

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