Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Braid is out!

Braid has *finally* released on XBLA.

I only had a few minutes to play at 5am this morning before heading out, but was so happy to see the final product.

I believe it's one of the most beautiful things on xbox360, and I also believe it's THE most beautiful thing to happen TO xbox360. (Metacritic scores up so far seem to agree)

Congrats to Jon for seeing his vision through, and for keeping nose to the grindstone for SO long (I first talked to Jon about it at IGF 2006, so he started 2005?2004?). I stand in awe of his passion for the art.

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Anonymous said...

And thanks for calling me up to convince me to put Braid on XBLA. (Back when Kim did that, the game was all Programmer Art; it didn't look anything like it does now, so it really took an eye for gameplay to see that there was something special-and-or-interesting here.)