Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here comes Google...

Google pulls the covers back on Lively!

Looks like cartoony 3D space social network, with limited user creation tools (I'm going off other's posts - will give it a go when I get some time).

no content creation tools at the level that Metaplace is doing (i.e. not sure you can actually MAKE GAMES with it), but I might worry if I was someone like Habbo, etc.

As one of the commenters on Alice's blog points out, it's a vehicle for advertising, so that may turn off some users and limit how much people can do with it (because most people don't want their banner ads popping up on the sides of flying penii.

As Casey once put it, 'now the dancing turns German'.

(via Wonderland)


Patrick said...

Ah, the Habbo people probably figure they've made enough money by now.

Haha, if the world worked like that...

Was your post title a play off of the Clay Shirky book?

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