Tuesday, May 27, 2008

That's "Mister" to you.

Like all parents, I want to ensure my kids get a proper education. I believe that starts with a solid foundation based on the classics.

Which is why we took a break the other day from the never-ending Lego Star Wars gaming to introduce Thomas and Jennifer, aged four and a half apiece, to the classic Pac Man franchise. This way I could show them what games were like when I was their age (actually about 3 times their age when Pac Man came out, but I digress).

We started with Ms Pac Man because it's more forgiving. Then we moved on to the original Pac Man, at which point my daughter corrected me.

"Daddy, it's not Pac Man. It's MISTER Pac Man."

Tom likes eating ghosts. Jenny is interested in the part (on 360) when she is presented with a tally of which fruit she has eaten, citing that fruit is very healthy and that both Ms and Mr Pac Man will avoid getting sick as a result.


Anonymous said...

You're a self-indulged, over the top, bloviating guy Kim.
And, I hate to say it. But someone needs to get across to you that you are full of yourself. Sorry to be the one to break the news.

Anonymous said...

wow kim, i guess your ex girlfriend has found your blog :)

seriously though, comments should probably generate some type of relevant value, not clear what previous poster is trying to accomplish, its not like the negative comments are going to cause such a self indulgent blah blah blah to stop writing, right? didn't your mother teach you 'if you don't have anything nice to say....'.

additionally, there are many of us who are actually interested in these comments and enjoy reading about what's going on in our friend/fellow traveler's busy lives. the previous commenter can always just not read the blog, eh?

here's where i'd put a little jab back at the previous commenter, but decided i'd rather use the time to do something more valuable, like clipping my toenails.

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