Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's Nau or Never


A while ago, I discovered Nau, a clothing store whose clothes I really liked and who's mission was pretty cool. Then the other day I discovered they were going out of business despite being less than a year old. Crappy crap.

The unique thing about their business seemed pretty well timed, "style with meaning" I guess you'd call it. Things like a portion of your purchase going to a non-profit group which you chose at time of purchase, clothes made from sustainable or reclaimed materials, low-impact biz practices, etc. See here for more detail.

The (somewhat bitter sounding) statement on their website claims investor reluctance, but I can't beleive that's the whole story. There's a ton of VC interest in other environment-related companies right now. Maybe it's the direction the economy is taking that has them reluctant about boutique clothing? I dunno.

Anyhow, rest of inventory is on sale on their website. I went and busted the bank, you should too. They'll be rareties soon enough!


Anonymous said...

They'd probably need to go public to raise money and build their own factories. Volcom a company I liked a few years ago did the same. Just too pricey these days.

I'm poor but looking is free.

Anonymous said...

As if there is anything that I can fit into on that site :-)

Anonymous said...

they were charging too much for what they were selling.

Unknown said...

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