Monday, April 21, 2008

Time Sink...

photo.jpg, originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.

Spent a surprising amount of time this weekend getting my media room in order. Assembed new IKEA entertainment center (centers actually, I bought two to put side by side, and reversed the shelves/drawers on one of them which required some IKEA-hacking), routed cables (HDMI, audio, component, power, etc) through the wall. The latter was a pain because it's an outside wall so I had to route a bulk of cables in the narrow space between the wallboard and the vapor barrier.

I'm still trying to get wireless to work well throughout the house with HD video, etc. Was much easier in the old house where I'd routed CAT6 cable everywhere.

[oh, and the room isn't orange. iPhone camera did that for some reason)


Anonymous said...

nice, clever idea to have the two ec's side by side!

i liked the lighting, maybe that is the 'steve jobs AI design helper' utility that comes with the iphone that helps you to correct the mood lighting in any room? even when you get it wrong, he'll make it right!

Sayeed Ahmed Patel said...
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Anonymous said...

can you tell me the product name (something swedish i'm sure :p) of the entertainment center you bought from ikea. I like the set up and thinking about doing the same :)

Unknown said...

What ikea stands are those if you dont mind telling?

KimPallister said...

@DAVID: I looked it up. They are called 'Tobo' (at least in the USA. Not sure if they vary names by geography)

KimPallister said...

One other note for those thinking about doing the same: Ventilation was inadequate, so I ended up drilling some large holes along the back. Would have been easier to do BEFORE assembling.

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