Monday, March 10, 2008

Teaching the Teachers

In response to the Canadian Teacher's Federation call for a ban on the release of Rockstar's 'Bully: Scholarship Edition', Clint Hocking has issued a pretty compelling challenge. He's offering to buy Emily Noble, the head of the Teacher's Association, an Xbox360 or Wii system, along with a copy of the game, if she commits to entering a critical discussion of the games merits rather than call for it's ban out of ignorance..

Let's give this enough linkage that Ms Noble and her collegues will have to accept the challenge!


Anonymous said...

You know I like to take the opposite side of arguments :-)

As a game industry person/advocate/evangelist, I hear in your arguments: "Nothing in games can be bad, it is an art form. Any criticism of games and gaming is suppressing free speech and freedom of expression".

However, having read a review of the game, I cannot for the life of me understand why they want the ban... it seems to provide a positive model of behaviors and rewards altruistic deeds. Hmmm... methinks the person has jumped to the conclusions that I did.. that the game was nothing more than either getting revenge for being beaten up, or just beating up people and taking their lunch money for drugs and prostitutes (something I would expect of a Rockstar title).

KimPallister said...

Clint's point (and challenge) is not defending Bully at all. Merely challenging the CTF to play the game before they ban it. He also thinks there may be value in having an intelligent discussion about it.