Friday, February 29, 2008

Goin' hardcore metrosexual

For the few readers that cared to follow my slow spiral into metrosexual shaving hell (Mark, this means you), you may be interested in knowing that I finally bit the bullet and went straight-razor.

On the positive side, the shave is super fantastico smooth.

On the other hand, getting it just right is a bit of an art, and the first time I did it (while at a hotel while travelling), I left the hotel bathroom looking like a crime scene in a Tarantino flick. Seriously, housekeeping probably considered calling the cops.

I definitely recommend going with the double edge safety razor as a compromise. I'm going to give the straight razor a few more goes (second time not as sanguineous as the first).


Anonymous said...

Cool! I have seen my grand father using straight-razor.( not to make you feel old )

I have seen local barber using a modified version of it with a slot to put a razor balde in it, but I guess the real ones are single unit metalling tool which gives smoother shave and does not make your skin hard.

I also liked the way these gets sharpened, on leather belts and stones by moving it in a ishtyle.

Mark DeLoura said...

Gaaaah! Do you think you will like it more once you get used to it? Brave, man!

Anonymous said...

I have a bugs bunny tune (ok, really an opera, but bugs made it his own!) running through my head. Straight blades are for someone else to shave you, not to be self administered... when a mistake is made, there is someone there to staunch the flow of blood and drive you to a hospital.

I am amazed you didn't try it either in an airplane bathroom or after a long hard night of drinking... seems only a little more crazy.

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