Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hacker Wiizardry

Apologies for the title. I am as prone to Wii-puns as the rest of the blogosphere.

A number of people pointed me to Johnny Chung Lee's youtube vids. Lee has done some interesting hacks with the Wiimote, and posted vids of them along with explanations. They include:

Interactive Whiteboard:

Minority Report-style finger-tracking:

VR headtracking:

These are all very cool, yes. But the real lesson to take away here is that this is what happens when you base your products on open standards (Wiimote uses bluetooth to communicate). This in turn is predicated on not selling your HW at a loss, which means you have to be damn sure people aren't using it for something other than its intended purpose, but that's the subject of another post...

One does wonder whether the folks at Nintendo are benefiting from these vids in some way. If I were them I'd be replicating the experience and doing some game jams around them to see if they have legs.


Patrick said...

I wrote an analysis of the head tracking, which I think has the breadth to justify commercial implementation, and is also fairly easy to do (sell a peripheral).

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. This will be very, very helpful. I often have big ideas that need room to connect with other ideas, and the digital white board invention will help me dramatically.