Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gaming and Worst Consumer Trends

So minutes after posting the Bronfman quote and saying we should take heed, this came across my desktop:

DRM, Fanboys, Region Encoding among PC World's "10 Worst Consumer Tech Trends".

Of the 10 sins cited, the games industry hits on the majority of them. Some of course, are an artifact of business and of other industries as well (e.g. licensing fees around GH tracks). However, a couple of them really resonated.

#7 Region coding: I know there are business reasons for it, and that there are sometimes technical reasons for it. That doesn't change the fact that it's a kick in the teeth to the consumer who just wants to play the game you didn't release in her region.

#1: DRM: Amen. I *really* don't know the solution here, but man, we need to figure it out. One look at the writeups for the PC version of Bioshock vs the Xbox360 version, and you know we have a problem.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that you are nothing more than a corporate tool in sighting Bronfman as some sort of reliable source. What a joke.

KimPallister said...


Bronfman was basically saying "we f***ed up and the customer handed us our a$$."

What part of that was wrong. I wasn't citing him as a reliable source, just as part of the old guard who might be 'getting it' if only a little late.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. Sorry for being crass then. Thing is guys like Bronfman have no vision. Torrents aren't going away, guys like him need to get over it or reinvent the game. I think in saying what he did really pointed out that people high up in the music industry are just pissed because they've not figured out how to reinvent music and take it to the next level. And that is because they lack vision.