Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Will the casual games business get 'Coked out'?

Last year, I got some grief for comparing Casual Games to fruit flies.


Meanwhile, King Ludic compares the casual games industry to the cocaine industry.


It's not a bad analogy, actually. At least as far as his point about the developer, like the poor coca farmer, making a minority of the take as the bulk of money is divvied up amongst those that comprise the distribution chain that brings the product to the customer.


This line, as well, was particularly astute:

...the gold rush mentality of casual games will collapse as the market stops growing as fast as the influx of commodified games


Where he falls down however, is in his prediction about the market at some point getting 'coked out' and petering out as a result.


Last I checked, the cocaine industry was still clocking along.


I leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions :-)


Anonymous said...

Yeah - but are casual games a addictive as coke (no, I assume, as I do neither), or associated with glamorous runway model shenanigans (no, the exact opposite), or considered illegal (not yet).

Patrick said...

What I meant by coked out is that the value propositions of participating in a brand, as corporate portals attempt to prop-up, would be dilluted by a continue trend of commodification in the games, which is, I believe (and I'm not the only one) what the policies of many of these businesses are doing. I can't speak in regards to MS Casual Games specifically, but this trend is certainly seen in the larger market.

Of course, I'm really just rationalizing why my products should do well, which is that they're on the par with, say, a blunt of ripe bud laced with cocaine, rather than the hard drug itself. A little thoughtful play along with the short-term pleasure buzz.

Of course, stuff like what Raph's doing, as I noted yesterday, is on par with psychedlics, enabling people to create whole worlds with mindstuff.

Note: The metaphors of the author in no way reflect the lifestyle, moral philosophy or personal history thereof, nor those of True Vacuum LLC and all partially and wholly owned subsidiaries.

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