Friday, September 14, 2007

Braid for XBLA Announced - YAY!

I've had to keep tight-lipped about this for a while, but Braid got announced for XBLA.

The post about it on GameSetWatch has a good comment thread by Jon (the developer) and Simon (of GameDev mag and IGF) on some of the issues around indie games and the IGF.

I'm really excited to play the final version. Braid is one of the few games that I've played in a long time that has REALLY made my brain hurt!


Darius Kazemi said...

I was fortunate enough to beta test it for Jon. What a great game!!

Jonathan said...

Oh oh oh, you lucky dog, Darius! I was going to beg Jon about it, but since I only sorta know him through friends, I couldn't work up the courage. Can't wait to download it as a regular consumer, though.

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