Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Note to Sony: Please quit peeing in the pool

Metaphorically speaking that is. They are really F***ing things up for the rest of us.

Thanks to N'gai Crole (via Alice) for the pointer to this ad for PS2 that Sony recently took out in India (rant to follow):

Here we have such a wonderful opportunity, with a growing, tech savvy, increasingly affluent, group of consumers in India, where gaming has been relatively small in the past, but is growing by leaps and bounds. Do we need to screw it up by importing our biased, misogynist, ass-backward marketing practices with us? We have enough trouble with our baggage of existing content, we don't need the marketing folks to push us further over the edge.
Thank you Sony! Thank goodness Indian women won't make the mistake of thinking they are welcome to purchase and play games. Good thing we'll make it clear from the get-go that games are for introverted pimply-faced boys. Wouldn't want anyone thinking otherwise.
Sheesh. As Alice asked, "Honestly. What kind of cavemen do they employ in Sony's marketing dept?"


Will said...

"Honestly. What kind of cavemen do they employ in Sony's marketing dept?"

I think the Geico caveman is insulted by that comment.

Anonymous said...

Like the average consumer is going to take the time to wade through all that worry too much about the small shit. Seriously...

adam lake said...

i didn't go see where this came from (just catching up on your blog), but are you sure its real? read under the ps2 tag: i doubt this could make it out of any large company. "because your g/f scares you..."

KimPallister said...

Pretty sure it's legit. Have you seen the UK Sony 'girl on the toilet' ads? The goat carcass at the God of War party? They are pretty messed up over there...

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