Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One for the ladies?

Silverjet airlines in the UK is attempting to differentiate themselves by having at least one ladies-only restroom per plane. Nice differentiator.

This ad talking about it, while catchy, I think misses the mark of it's target audience.

At least I think so. I think I'll go watch it a few more times to decide...


Patrick said...

I guess the logic here is that the only women who would appreciate a women's only restroom on a plane are lesbians who feel the mile high club shouldn't differentiate along sexual orientation.

You know men came up with that one.

Unknown said...

I think the point is that it'll get attention. After all, it showed up in my RSS feed today... ;)

Anonymous said...

This ad is brilliant! How do you make guys excited about the fact that they have fewer bathrooms available while informing women about this obviously nice feature?

It's the equivalent of Jerry McGuire: sports story meets romance = corssover smash hit.