Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hollywood and Games summit panel

Joystiq has a summary of what sounds like a great panel from Hollywood and Games. (Gamasutra coverage here)

My fave quote comes from Ben Mattes (link to his blog on the right) who I bumped into back at MIGS, and who I hadn't seen since I knew him 15 years ago when I was friends with his sister in school. Anyhow, Ben says:

"There's not really room for "writers" in the video game world. We have game and story designers, not writers." Flint backed him up saying, "Your job is to give meaning to the gameplay."

Well put!

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Patrick said...

Yes, I agree, its about fleshing out the fiction to give context to the dynamic. However, both game and narrative designers do end up doing a lot of writing, so you could say they're writers. Also, there is need sometimes for straight-up linear storytelling to help lend that context, so there is traditional writing involved, sometimes, as well.