Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gaming Blogs of the Fairer Sex

It may just be proportional to the growth of the blogosphere, but I've noted a fair number of gaming blogs by and for the fairer sex. These have certainly been around a while (I've been a reader of Jane's site for a while, for example), but there do seem to be more of them cropping up.

My list of feeds includes:
Feminist Gamers (along with the associated Cerise 'zine)
GameGirlz (go Canada!)
New Game Plus
Heroine Next Door
Guilded Lillies

Just to name a few examples.

Anyhow, a new one came to my attention, Girl in the Machine. And with reviews/editorials like this one of Super Princess Peach, and posts with titles like Lara Croft's Ten Year Mam Jam, I have a new favorite feminist gamer blog!


Anonymous said...

Er, Cerise isn't associated with Feminist Gamers. Neither of the bloggers have even contributed an article to us.

Cerise is associated with Iris, which is a woman/feminist-oriented gaming site.

For more blogs on gaming by women, I would recommend Iris' directory.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm not especially fairer than the menfolks, thank you for linking me. I'm glad you've enjoyed my blog so far.ht

Mcklain said...