Monday, May 28, 2007

World of LastResortCraft?

Ok, I'm not a WoW player, so I don't understand teh mechanics of how all this stuff works.

However, I was surprised to hear (via Raph) that Blizzard is suing a company doing in-game spamming of their gold-farming services.

Normally, going the legal route is a last resort. It would seem that in an in-game scenario, for a game for which (a) Blizzard write the policies & terms of use, and (b) Blizzard and their partners administer the servers, there'd just be an easier and more effective way.

Resorting to the courts, especially in this case where (as Raph points out) the defendant is a company based in China, seems like a real last-resort type of effort.

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Anonymous said...

The issue is that VU provides free / demo accounts with VERY low barrier to entry (necessary to induce consumer trial). The barriers are so low, however, that it’s easy for spammers to acquire trial accounts and set the spambots loose using those accounts.

The marketroids need to be able to offer free/demo accounts without fear that spammers will acquire those accounts and spam everyone to hell.

- vc