Monday, April 16, 2007

Casual gamers are PEOPLE!

[OK, the image isn't contextually relevant to the post, but Kim's #7 Rule of Blogging is that 'When presented with an opportunity to include references to a Charleton Heston movie, one should do so, regardless of how far a stretch it may be to make relevant'. We now return you to regularly scheduled programming]

Lots of people have been quoting this report that states that women constitute a majority of the US internet population. (saving you the click, it's about 52% women, 48% men).

My point is this:

The casual games industry has spent a lot of time talking about how there are more women playing casual games than men. Stats go anywhere from 55% to 70% depending how you slice it and which site stats you look at. These numbers get dampened somewhat when normalized to take into account the general internet usage gender split.

Having said that, perhaps we're better off looking at casual gamers as just "people".


Patrick said...

Right, gender inclusivity is the most important thing. I imagine a lot of women who play games are bemused by attempts to pander to their gender inclusively. If male gamers were the same way the retial market would be in poor shape, but digital distirbution offers new audience opportunities as well as revenue opportunities. Its only a matter of time before game design and marketing targets infra-gender differences over inter-gender differences.

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