Wednesday, April 4, 2007

...but we make it up in volume!

Robin points us to the "Develop 100", an interesting attempt by Evolving Media to build a list of "The World's Most Successful Game Studios" by (according to their site):

Develop 100 ranks the world's games development studios based on the revenues their products made at UK retail in 2006.

While and interesting idea, it falls short of the mark for a couple reasons:

- UK only. Meh.
- Retail only. ('We rated the most powerful transportation vehicles by the amount of hay they consume in a day!'). 'nuff said.

And of course the biggest issue (and granted, hard to put THIS list together) is that I'd much rather see the list ranked by contribution margin rather than just revenue. To borrow Raph's metaphor, (which is also his business plan, I guess) I think you'd see a lot of small mammals ranked higher among the dinosaurs.

And as Robin points out, it'd be interesting to see this ranked by a number of factors. QoL, GameRankings average, etc, etc.

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Patrick said...

The most valuable things are the most difficult to measure - vetted.