Monday, April 2, 2007


Went to see the Bodies exhibit this past weekend. It was pretty nifty, but I'm not sure it was worth the $27/person they charge for it.

It was educational and let you see all the bits of the body cut up and splayed out in ways that a textbook could never do justice to. Still, probably more educational for those that aren't married to and/or have siblings in the medical profession. (I've been surrounded by some fairly disgusting-yet-detailed dinner conversation on occasion over the past 15 years :-)

One thing Alisa and I both found funny was that people that were unphased by the majority of the exhibit would suddenly cringe and flee from the room with preserved fetuses. I witnessed a couple people rushing through that one room, one saying "ugh! Let's just get past this one!". This must happen a lot because they have a big warning before that one room. Hmm...

Personally, the only one that even mildly gave me the willies was one exhibit with man's entire skin preserved like some kind of tanned leather hide. Here's a similar example from another one of their exhibits (lots of good photos of this up on flickr)


Anonymous said...

My wife and I didn't like this exhibit as much as the hype led us to be believe we would. When it came to Vancouver, they oversold the show so much that it was nearly impossible to get close to some of the displays due to the swarms of people. And frankly, it just wasn't that impressive. It's stuff you can see on the net or elsewhere (I am the son of a homicide detective, so I'd seen far more interesting stuff before).

Anyway, kind of a rip off for the price we paid (something like $40 each, IIRC).

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