Monday, March 19, 2007

Peggle: Casual Gaming Brilliance

About 200 million people are about to have a revelation. The 100 million or so casual game players outside Japan are going to say "Wow. Now I get why Pachinko is so appealing!". The 100 million or so people in Japan are going to say "Wow. How can I ever go back to Pachinko?"

I've had to bite my lip for a long time about Popcap's Peggle, a game I've really been excited about. It's really slick. It's easy, it's polished, it has wide appeal (my 3 year olds are equally hooked, and my son may be better at it than I am by the week's end).

Go play!

Congrats to the gang at Popcap for such a great piece of work. I'd be very suprised if this isn't every bit as successful as Zuma over the next year.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Downloaded it, installed, and it just won't start.
Not quite my idea of a great casual game.