Monday, March 26, 2007

Joystiq v Kotaku

I have both Kotaku and Joystiq on the blogroll. The seem to both tackle the same type of content (humorous take on game industry news and game culture), and seem to cover most of the same news. So I guess they are competitors of sorts.

I'm not sure who beats who to the punch more often, but these days, does it matter when a 'scoop' is a lead of hours or minutes?

Lately, I've been frequenting Kotaku more. On the one hand I feel they 'chase the headline' a little more (I should come up with some hard examples to back this up later. For now call it an impression I'm left with); but on the other hand, I'm really digging their sense of humor.

So it was Kotaku up by a point for that, but today I was out running some errands and had some time to kill so I brought up both sites on my phone and found that Joystiq was very mobile-friendly formatted, while Kotaku was not. Perhaps just on windows mobile (which I'm running)? Maybe others are seeing the same?

Anyhow, score one for Joystiq, tieing it up.

I was surprised by this, give that of Kotaku's numerous Brians, at least one lives in Japan, where they likes dem lil'phones.

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Darius Kazemi said...

Joystiq was the only major games media outlet that covered Nichole Bradford's GDC rant in any detail, so I give them props for that.