Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Jobs Keynote and the Overlooked Shocker

Bert Decker's blog, 'Create Your Communications Experience', a pretty good blog for those interested in public speaking, has a post contrasting the Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote vs the Bill Gates CES keynote. Ouch. According to him, no contest, and I have to agree.

I followed his pointer to the engadget coverage of the Jobs keynote, and was stunned. The pictures are fabulous, and the slides that were presented were awesome. It doesn't get much more simple and clear than that. The most crowded of all the slides had less than 40 words on it. Most had none.

Anyhow, it's worth looking at even if you don't care about the subject matter (though I gotta say, that phone is pretty sexy).

I'm surprised that no one commented on what I thought was a real shocker. Jobs wore a BROWN mock turtleneck. WTF?! This change in wardrobe is as surprising as the Pope popping out the window to address his followers with a baseball cap on!

What's next? The Queen in gothic lolita getup? I guess brown really is the new black. Perhaps he did it to match his Zune? :-)

[update: Doh! False alarm. I watched the keynote video and he's in black as usual. This appears to be the result of some image color adjustment on the part of Engadget. (Serves me right for snarfing their pic :-)]


Anonymous said...

I found that he said, "isn't that amazing' a bunch of times - even when whatever it was was just pretty nice and even the audience didn't really respond much. Example: Jobs announcing that they had 350 movies or something - that's really not much. My super-budget local video store has thousands and thousands. Now, it is cool because I know how hard it must be to get movie studios to send their precious content via online transfer; but just a few hundred movies isn't what i'd call any panacea. It was a great step, but a long way to go - just say that. Saying that's amazing even when the audience was ho-hum got to be too much. Just a nit-picking presentation detail, but notworthy.

Still, best damn products to be announced by a computer company in a long time. Will iphone change the world like ipod, have my doubts, but dang it - we need people to design really great things - not the horrible usability stuff we see most vendors deliver. Amen to a lot of stuff he said though. Loved the quote "really serious software developers make their own hardware". Darn tootin! Why can't the industry get that through our thick heads - the hardware, and even software, is only as good/valuable as the end user EXPERIENCE.

Anonymous said...

"Why can't the industry get that through our thick heads - the hardware, and even software, is only as good/valuable as the end user EXPERIENCE."

Goddamn right.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jobs is a master showman. Can you imagine the dry runs for his annual MacWorld SF Keynote presentations? I bet those can be lengthy and stressful!

Do a search for "steve jobs" on YouTube - you'll find a host of great presentations - heck, even his update to the Cupertino City Council is entertaining, IMHO.