Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Open the door a crack... and you might see a crack!

Tonights evening news had a brief alarmist piece about how "your kids might be watching porn on their game console!", referring to the web browsers available for the Nintendo Wii (great Kotaku headline!) and Sony PS3.

I'm not sure the PS3 has to have anything special done to any of the multitude of porn sites out there, but it is interesting that some of them are doing "Wii-friendly" web pages for people surfing with their *ahem* Wiimote in hand.

Between that and the free games content that Robin points us to, I wonder whether they'll do anything to lock it down, or if they think the premium (more importantly, royalty-yielding) content will not suffer as a result. Less of an issue for Nintendo, who claim to be profitable on HW sales from day one. Still has to be raising some discussions internally though. What if one of those indie games were a pornographic cartoon game starring *gasp* Mario himself!

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