Monday, January 8, 2007

I like ILike is a new social network + recommendation engine + distribution service + network of trust, that parasitically, um, I mean craftily sits on top of your iTunes usage to supplement it.

Fuck. I hate it when people have crazy obvious ideas before I have them :-)

This has all the trappings of a killer app. I'm not an iTunes user (Zune, baby!) but if I were, it seems this would be a no-brainer to sign up for.

For the Zune folks (if they are listening), could this be the app that bridges the gap between Zune users and their iPod-toting friends? I'd be engaging them in a hurry.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that, like, with an "i" prefix? ((-8

KimPallister said...

Actually looks like (1) a superset of it (I haven't used either, but ilike looks like they've added a meet/date thingy, as well as distribution/promotion of free mp3s, sample friends music library) and (2) rather than a plug-in client app (there is one in the form of a sidebar) it appears to mostly be an online thing. YMMV