Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hopes for Game Innovation "Crushed"

... and by this I mean they are alive and well.

I *love* the idea behind Crush from Kuju. SWEETNESS! Go watch. You'll get it.


Anonymous said...

Well, the first time through I thought "I don't get it :-(". Then it struck me after watching the 2nd time. Very cool idea!

Anonymous said...

I've watched it twice, but I still don't get it. Do you "crush" the level in the direction of the camera or something?

KimPallister said...

Anon: The idea being that you are solving a puzzle in 3D that requires you to 'flatten' it into 2D along a given axis.

For example, something too far to jump (3 feet back(Y), 4 feet across(x)) could be flattened to be a 3 foot jump in one axis, or a 4 foot jump in another axis. In 3D, it would be a 5 foot jump. Now imagine the character can only jump 3 feet, and you see how the player needs to think about how to approach a level.

From teh Video it looks like either of two (X,Y) axis. This in itself would make for interesting puzzle solving (not to mention level design!). I'd think adding the 3rd dimension would make it really tricky.

Jon, not Antifrog said...

Spot on, though you can crush from 'top down' too.