Monday, January 1, 2007

Five Things

A while back I was guilty of tagging others with a '4 things' meme. Karma is having it's way with me, and now Raph has tagged me with a '5 Things' meme.

Ok, I'll bite, but this time the buck stops here. I'm refusing to tag others. Thou shalt not dirty the internets and all of that.

So, here goes. Five things you don't know about me:

  1. I was kicked out of college and became a ski-bum for a period of time. Quebec has a system where you finish high-school at 16 and go to something called CEGEP, a kind of interim college or community college before either entering the work force or going to university. At 16 I found girls, beer and the local pool hall far more compelling than my compsci classes and paid the price for it. I subsequently went and worked in a ski town in Alberta for a season before coming back and returning to school.
  2. French was my first language, though you'd never know it now. I actually learned both at once (dad's a Brit, mum's French Canadian), but my French was stronger because I was babysat by another francophone while mum and dad worked. At age 3 we moved to an English suburb where I lost most of it until much later.
  3. I didn't get a driver's license till I was in my early twenties. I owned and drove a motorcycle and a car before that time, but never got around to actually getting my license till quite late (see number 4).
  4. The police once bestowed a nickname upon me. My friends and I had a significant number of *ahem* encounters with the local law enforcement when we were teens. Enough so that they new a few of us by name. One night one of them gave me a nickname and it stuck for a while.
  5. The number of drinks someone needs to buy me in order to learn the nickname in #4 is... well... ask it not, for it is legion.


Anonymous said...

Good ones :). Its kinda pushing me to write my things :))

Anonymous said...

Wait, you TOTALLY told me this! We were drunk! In Japan, I think I'd bought lots of drinks and earned the knowledge, but now I've forgotten what your nickname was because of the drinks. What a vicious circle.

So, either I a) make one up or b) get an email from you with a reminder. Maybe I choose a). Heh. In fact, muahahah.

/me goes to email everyone.

Anonymous said...

You are a pussy for not tagging others - the Internets is already dirty -- very very dirty.

I don't think your involvement with the law was completely your fault, judging by the friends you still have from that time in your life. I cannot believe that some Real-related activity did not make the list (other than the Police nickname).

Alice: spill the beans... I need something to counterweight his knowledge of my MasterBlaster impersonation.


KimPallister said...

Alice's info is being held hostage until she gets her 360 hooked up.

John: You are correct. The local police were on a first name basis with Real, and come to think of it, he was with me during the majority of my arrests!

Real didn't have a nickname though. They just referred to him as "Real" and "Toi encore?" :-)

Anonymous said...

4 things i do every morning:

exit outlook and IE
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read various blogs

i'm still waiting

read more blogs...

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