Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Diamond Age being made into mini-series!

BoingBoing points out that Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age is being made into a mini-series.

Insert sexual-arousal metaphor here.

Man do I love that book. I am so very excited.

I really hope they do it justice. A mini-series is the right direction given the amount of content needed to do the story right.

Hopefully, it performs well and will lead to them licensing the rights to The Baroque Cycle, which would then be made into a long-running series of, five fourteen-episode seasons, with each week's episode running for a contiguous eight hours. The whole thing would ship in a "crate set" because a box wouldn't do it. :-)


adam lake said...

231also, each line of the script must be hand written with a fountain pen while wearing all black drinking a deep espresso somewhere in the pacific northwest or an asian megalopolis.

on a seperate note: the 'word verification' on blogger is such that i am only able to correctly guess the letters about 50% of the time, argh!

Anonymous said...

So I saw Adam's post about the "word verification" and noticed the little wheel chair next to it. Funny thing is, when you click that, you listen to the audio but enter numbers rather than letters. In my case, the letters where K-H-X-W-O-J-A but the numbers that the audio said were 8-9-7-3-9.

Regarding the real post, I haven't read diamond age. But I saw something about a lab at Carnegie Mellon being able to potentially produce a perfect, 300 carat diamond!!