Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dance Praise

Originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.

Seen at the local Fry's. It's a Dance pad/Software combo for the PC.

"Dance Praise: Turn Your Computer Into a Dance Arcade with Top Christian Hits!"

Some might say "targeting a substantial niche"; but *I* say strategically timed product given that the Godfather of Soul just passed away!

[BTW, a James Brown themed DDR-style game would totally rock. It would have to ship with a dance pad that was 15x15 feet with analog sensors to measure your bad-ass-electric-slide-skillz, and a crotch peripheral to score bonus points when jumping into a splits position and contacting the floor]



Anonymous said...

Or better yet a twister game/pad that that electronically transfers the info back to console/pc for playback and the likes? More interactive with more players engaged.

- C

laustan said...

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