Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Power's back on

As of 9pm tonight. Total outage time: 116hrs. Total money spent on equipment (see previous post) ~$800. That's not including any damage to the pool equipment due to freezing pipes. I'm a little scared to go look at it.


lightspeedchick said...

Meanwhile, it's a green Christmas in Montreal :(

Sorry to hear about your trouble.

Ben Mattes said...


After reading Marie-Jo's comment I went to her blog. On her blog I read her latest post and left a comment. After reading all the other comments I clicked on some names to see their blogs.

On one of them I found this, and remembered that you (1) are a fan of Tetes A Claque and (2) have kids of your own. If this doesn't make you go 'aawwww'....you are a corpse. ;)




Anonymous said...

Could be worse... I was just told the Bellevue Meadows apartments will not be getting power back until Saturday.

KimPallister said...

Ben: That was the best laugh I had since... well since Tetes a Claques. Thanks for the link!