Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wasted Marketing Opportunity

Originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.
I've blogged before about how Microsoft offers a membership at the very posh -dare I say, oppulent- Pro Club to employees.

This is a pic I snapped in their coffee shop while waiting for my Super Mega Huge coffee after my workout this morning (technically, *during* since lifting Super Mega Huge coffee is part of the workout)

Anyhow, their price list is displayed on two large LCD screens. They are coming down in price, but at the time these were put up, I'm guessing they were a few thousand each.

They are being used as expensive light-boxes, since the text never changes. Meanwhile, 20 feet away is a huge rack of brochures the club tries hard to upsell it's members on a variety of services (tennis lessons, personal trainer, birthday party for the kids, they even do botox injections).

No one is reading the brochures. Everyone is standing for 3-5 minutes waiting for their coffee. The screens are capable of a streaming feed, but just sit static.

Anyone else see the problem here?


Anonymous said...

Digital signage is a nascent market that is coming into its own...and the systems to author content, manage it, stream it to display devices, time messaging to time of day, month, year, the weather outside, RFID tags, or stocking levels (or anything else) is all there... it just takes money to engage the services.

Selling ad space could easily cover startup and operating costs over a reasonable period of time - but they would have then actually get out and sell THAT. Maybe you could be their broker/agent? Otherwise, I am not sure the costs would be justified to produce and maintain content to upsell people on services offered by the club. It takes compelling stuff to get people to read and act.

Companies that are in this business include Clarity Visual Systems (Coolsign software), Tim Cherna's brother is the VP Engineering for Scala (another signage system vendor), as well as 3M, Fujitsu, Pioneer, and many more.

Mark said...

The problem, as I see it, is I no longer have a membership at the Pro Club. Dammit! :)