Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Originally uploaded by Kim Pallister.
I have a friend up in Vancouver to whom I occasionally give one of my 360 games that I've finished playing.

"Wow Kim. That's awesome. I wish there was something *I* got from my work that I could give you in return"

My friend is a plastic surgeon. This week, a breast implant arrived as a gift. "Makes a nice paperweight" I was told.

I'm trying to use it as a wrist-rest for my mouse hand, but I find I'm occasionally finding my hand has left the mouse and is clutching the pseudo-mammary.

[Sorry for the dark photo. I felt mood lighting in my office was in order :-)]


Anonymous said...

How is it? Always wondered...

Anonymous said...

omg LOL

Kim! Put the breast down, and get on with some work!

Anonymous said...

how tasteless. this is disgusting, how could you stoop to this level?

{small font} can i get one? {/small font}