Monday, September 25, 2006

GDC Game Developers Rant audio proceedings posted

[Edit: OOPS! I just noticed that this is 2005's session that was posted. Hopefully '06 will go up soon]

The excellent session from GDC, "Burning Down the House: Game Developers Rant" has been posted as a one hour MP3 file and I definitely recommend listening to it, if you missed the session this year.

  • Jon Blow's rant was powerful
  • Chris Hecker was in usual form (in fact he wasn't supposed to rant, but was brought up and de-shoed by popular demand)
  • Robin gave a 5 minute mini rant that was also inspired and culminated with some bird-flipping action
  • Jane, Seamus were both in form
  • And yes, this reaffirms that Chris Crawford has truly jumped the shark. His was the only one of the rants without a positive call to action of some kind (Robin's had one at least implied)

Download here. [edit: Of course, none of hte above applies, but maybe they'll post '06 soon?]

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