Friday, September 15, 2006

Game Industry Speaks on Montreal Shooting

Jason posted some thoughts [update: fixed this link] and also a link to this CTV news interview with him and Danny Ledonne, the creator of "Super Columbine Massacre: RPG".

Oh my goodness. I have *never* seen such straight up objective journalism when it comes to games and violence. No Jack Thompson. No CNN sensationalist sound bytes. No fox news screaming over the interviewees. American networks could learn a thing or two.

To be fair, they could have had someone from the other side of the debate, but that aside, it was a nice chance for the game industry to say their piece, and Jason did a fine job stepping up. Jason says the did get the other side of the argument later, but didn't post the clip.

Well done J!

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lightspeedchick said...

I thought Seamus sounded a little biased, frankly, but you're right, it's nothing compared to the sensationalism one normally gets... Kudos to Jason :)