Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm diggin'...

...several things these days:

  • Texas hold'em on Xbox Live Arcade. (a) it's great fun, (b) it's very cool to log into games and chat with folks in a calmer environment than an FPS. Conversations are actually quite similar to a card table in Vegas (where you from? how's your game going? etc)
  • MegaTokyo. I'm on volume two now and I love the 'mash-up' of Manga, Game-culture, US youth culture and geekdom. C'mon, the thought of a L337-speaking computer geek teaching japanese kids english is funny! BEETDOWNUZU SUKSORU!
  • Its Always Sunny in Philedelphia. Alisa and I followed this last season (it's like a very dark and twisted Seinfeld. This season they added Danny Devito to the cast, and it's his best part since Taxi.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Always Sunny is one of my favorite shows. I was afraid that they would make DeVito overshadow the outstanding cast, but he fits in seamlessly.